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Applications For Bulk SMS Software

SMS can be used almost every business that you can imagine

SMS Marketing is a new addition to the marketing, with excellent opportunities for direct interaction with customers to aware them about any product/service or offers. Leading brands have already adopted this medium and the number of companies in Delhi, India are actively using SMS marketing and more are joining this marketing concept rapidly. SMS marketing is the only personal channel enabling instant, direct, interactive communications, any time, any place.

Marketing Department
:: Communication of new schemes announcements
:: Communication of special promotions to customers
:: Joint client product promotional offers
:: Communication of last dates of special offers
:: Special event invitations and reminders

Customer Relations Department
:: Communication of important announcements to customers
:: Inform/change/remind of schedules of public events
:: Co-ordination with press relations
:: Co-ordination with internal events and changes

Personnel Management Department
:: Pass on key announcements to staff on department basis
:: Inform employees of any documentation requirements
:: Inform employees of benefit credits
:: Announce important announcements to shareholders

Distributors / Dealers Network
:: Intimate arrival of new stock to regular dealers/distributors
:: Inform on expected time of arrival of consignments
:: Communicate special promotions/prices/discounts
:: Send greetings on special occasion

Following Business Sector can get benifited from SMS Solution:
Blood Banks
Cinema Publicity Department
Customer Relations Dept.
Department Stores
Distributors/Dealers Network
Educational Institution
Event management
Insurance Agents
Marketing Dept.
Newspapers / Magazines
Political Parties
Stock Brokers
Travel Agencies
TV Channels
Weather Dept.
Every business…

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