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SMS Marketing

SMS based marketing is economical and instant mode of marketing

SMS can be a Marketing Tool, you can send promotional offers on products, last day information about sale, discount coupuns, new product arrival information. As more and more people is joining Mobile Revolution the potential of doing marketing through SMS has just started up. When an SMS is sent for marketing - it reaches the end user in hands directly and the communication is one to one and can be proved very effective and economical. SMS is cheaper than a telephonic call and it does not require regular attention for sending SMS, as using Snowebs SMS Manager (Bulk SMS Software) user can create a que of SMS and leave other things to the software to do. Snowebs SMS Manager provides an unrivalled business communication solution that will save you time and improve your efficiency. The benefits of SMS include:

8 Reasons to choose SMS Marketing:

Immediate "Brand in Hand" - SMS is delivered in seconds
Cost - Significantly cheaper than other media
Interactivity - Possible to engage the consumer in a dialogue
Proximity - Mobile is always in the pocket
Digital - A medium allowing for deep campaign analysis
High reach - over 90 million mobile subscriber in India
Personal - Communication to an individual
Viral - People forward SMS to others

Bulk SMS Software provides an unrivalled business communication solution that will save you time and improve your efficiency. The other benefits of SMS to use an communication tool are:

Every mobile phone capable of receiving messages
Messages are short enough to be brief but long enough to be useful
Very cost effective alternative saving call charges to mobile phones
Ability to 'broadcast' a message to selected mobile user from database
Message delivery is discrete and the recipient can choose when to read it
Much better for car drivers who can read the message only when it is safe to do so
Doesn't require the recipient to be available at the time the message is sent
Provides a reliable communication method with option to create full audit logs

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